What happens to my family turkish season 2

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What happens to my family turkish season 2

Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter. The series follows the lives of two brothers one, a studious nerd; the other, a handsome bad boy who both fall in love with the same girl — and all the drama that ensues thereafter.

what happens to my family turkish season 2

Sorry about that. You can only imagine how complicated the whole thing becomes, given the circumstances. A little bit more lighthearted than all the tense soap operas, Leyla ile Mecnun is a popular comedy series that focuses on the poetic relationship of Leyla and Mecnun.

Funny, surreal, and often absurd, the plot shines a spotlight on a poor boy Mecnun and a rich girl Leyla who were made for each other. But only if they manage to overcome all the ridiculous difficulties that life sets in their path. Also known as a Turkish remake of The O. Select currency. My Plans. Open menu Menu. Turkish people love drama, and this particular national obsession is a ubiquitous theme in musicTV, and filmwhere the exaggerated tales of forlorn love always take center stage.

Here are eight of the best homespun soap operas. Tims Productions. Leyla ile Mecnun. Eflatun Film. D Productions. Read Next.To teach them a lesson he decides to sue them. Viewers learn about how they should be grateful for their families and what they have instead of wanting more and more.

The series shows how the children get their gratitude back and what the court decides to do with these children. What Happens to My Family? The series first aired on August 16, You can also watch What Happens to My Family? Haluk messes up while trying to get the family to like him. Damla is caught by Ece while trying to hide her return to the country from her mother. Mujde unsettles the Celik house and aims to bring down the walls from the inside. Ruzgar doesnt want to lose Ceylan, and only Emrecan can help him.

The Celik family do all they can to save their home from demolition. Ece confesses her love to Haluk and gets an unexpected reaction. With the police closing in, Salih and Ege take shelter in Levents house. Haluk suspects Levent has a secret lover and begins to follow him. Salih takes Ege from preschool and tries to hide him. Whatever Ece does to get Haluk to forgive her has no effect. Ruzgars posing for journalists with Ceylan angers Emrecan.

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Emrecan and Ceylan leave the cafe to find new work. Levent begins work at Haluks company. Haluk and Levent fight over Ece and end up in jail, but a surprise awaits them there. Emrecan gets Ceylan to forgive him and proposes to her again.

Emrecan, Ruzgar and Ceylan join forces to save the cafe.Sign In.

What Happens to My Family (Baba Candır) Ep. 65 English Subtitle

What Happens to My Family — Hide Spoilers. I love this series! A little strange, but if you're interested in Turkish language and culture - even just a little - this is a wonderful, painless, way to learn about it.

what happens to my family turkish season 2

I find myself thinking about the characters long after I've finished watching the episodes. The scenery is beautiful, especially what I think is the Bosphorus and Cappadocia. Only seen the first 12 episodes so far and there are something like 40so there is a lot to watch. Don't give up or ignore this just because you don't like to read subtitles - it is a wonderful series.

Reminds me a little of "Father Knows Best! Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Love all the characters! This is a very refreshing story with great actors. I hope Nexflix don't wait to long to bring the second season! I am highly impressed with the versatility and professional acting of each person on this show. I have never been totally hooked on television, but I am hooked on this show because of its clean and warm family intent and quality.

I prefer to watch a show like Baba Candir over many of our American shows. Kudos to the actors for their contributions to an awesome show! I love the lead couple Eche and her crazy but very talented boyfriend! ShaiyaRaina 24 January Greetings all, This is so funny to me. Entertaining and an awesome story line. I love all the characters and each story line fits the characters so well. I would recommend this title for those who like a clean script. Their was no taking off the clothes or sexual content in this show.

I'm finding so much entertainment with their kind of content. Thanks and take a look see! I stumbled onto this show a year ago or so and I'm now watching it for the 2nd time. It is a very funny, light hearted comedy made up of a cast of zany wonderful characters.

I love this show. Highly recommend. I just wish I could find season 2 with English subtitles. I'm left in the dark because its not on Netflix! I must say it was very difficult for me to watch the 66th and last episode of this series.

I was so connected to this family and their friends and acquaintances, and now that's it's over, I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I will miss this cast and all their escapades. As an Italian-American, I could relate to this family.

I felt a strong connection to them. I fell in love with the cast and felt as though I was a part of their family.Of course, this role has changed something in my life. I am the man who always tries to act carefully, but I am trying to live my private life more carefully since I took the role of Ertugrul Gazi.

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We have been trying to deserve this love. We work five days in a week and I hope that this love will increasingly continue to grow. In Turkey, we can shoot films only during summer time. However, in abroad, films also require working during winter time. I do not have any time during winter time due to my tv series.

Because of this reason, I could not take part in foreign project. I hope that I will do in the future. I want to see the success of our own projects in Hollywood.

I received Ertugrul Gazi role when I was 35 years old and I have been playing in this tv series for 2 years. I usually want to look at what is happening now. I am trying to enjoy this time. Tags dirilis ertugrul turkish drama engin altan duzyatan I found this on Netflix in Arizona. Ertrugrul is Such a good actor for this part. Some times I think he think he thinks his growling makes him sound more of a strong man but honestly it bugs me.

One criticism — try to make the battle a little more realistic and when one is in recovery — give them time to heal. I found this show by accident. But once I saw the first episode. I watched about 8 episodes that night and every night after until I was done with the seasons. It was so addicting. The cast was wonderful. I hope they keep going with the seasons.

WOW — this is an historical masterpiece bar none! The acting, the music, the script, and the plot intrigues intertwined with historical facts is so fascinating. I have grown to love many of the characters.We started watching the first episode on YouTube with my dad translating what was going on since there were no English subtitles. When I watch something, I like to understand every single thing that is happening, so this was short-lived. And the rest is history.

My mom, my sisters, and I were the main viewers, and we watched everything together. My dad joined in most of the time, and my brothers stopped by every now and then.

Ertugrul Osman, Link to Ottoman Dynasty, Dies at 97

We finished the entire show in about a year and a half Season 5 started airing when we were on Season 3 or 4and we are now lifelong fans. Anyone who watches the show knows that one of its most memorable features is the intensity of the death scenes. We grow attached to the characters, root for them, feel their pain, and then…they are wrenched from us in traumatizing, unforgivable ways. Each of these deaths represents some truth about life: some deaths are the result of betrayal, while others occur after a major sacrifice.

And some deaths just seem utterly pointless. Ertugrul reinforces the fact that just as we have our own plans and hopes and dreams, there is a greater plan ultimately destined for each of us. So, I thought it was only fitting that my first Ertugrul blog post should be about the deaths, remembering the characters who have departed over the course of the five seasons, but who will never be forgotten.

I put particular thought into my specific ranking and the characters who I chose and the ones I left out, although some of it was pretty difficult to rank.

what happens to my family turkish season 2

A lot of this is subjective, so I understand that not all fans would agree with my choices. I did not choose the order based on who my personal favorite characters are. If you still wish to continue reading, do so at your own risk. On the contrary, it is one of the first deaths in the show that really tugs at the heartstrings. The death of Suleyman Shah, the bey of the Kayi tribe, not only leaves a huge empty spot in his family, but also has serious political implications for the Kayis.

His is one of the only deaths that is completely expected; it is literally foreshadowed from the first episode of the series. Dying in the arms of two of his beloved sons, following the completion of an important mission for his tribe and a heartfelt goodbye to his wife, Suleyman Shah dies in a very fitting tribute for his character. However, because of the number of times he fake died in almost every single season and the fact that the whole tribe mourned him and held a whole funeral for him, I thought it made sense to add him to my list.

Losing Ertugrul for them is losing a central piece of their tribe. His entire lifespan is extremely short, as he dies in his early teens. Furthermore, he spends his whole life on the run from people who either want to kill him or manipulate him for their own political gain.

If he had continued to remain alive, there would have always been someone out to get him because of his royal blood.

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He dies with honor, remaining loyal to his people until the very end. Samsa Alp represents that intense dedication and willingness to sacrifice for the sake of Allah and His cause. His death in Season 4, the result of betrayal and trickery from people who were supposed to be trusted, is one of the worst kinds of deaths we see on Dirilis: Ertugrul.

Watch What Happens to My Family?

The cruelty with which his murderers kill him and the fact that he dies alone surrounded by enemies only increases the tragedy of his death. One of the gentlest, kind-faced alps, Samsa endures a difficult life, losing his own bey Tugtekinreadjusting to life in a new tribe, and eventually dying a cruel, painful death.Ertugrul Osman, who might have ruled the Ottoman empire from a palace in Istanbul, but instead spent most of his life in a walk-up apartment in Manhattandied Wednesday night in Istanbul.

He was The cause was kidney failure, according to his wife, Zeynep, who was visiting Istanbul with him when he died. Osman was a descendant of Osman I, the Anatolian ruler who in established the kingdom that eventually controlled parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Osman would have eventually become the Sultan but for the establishment of the Turkish Republic, proclaimed in For the last 64 years, Mr. At one time he kept 12 dogs in his home, a two-bedroom unit up a narrow, dim stairway, and enlisted neighborhood children to walk them.

Given the gap between what might have been and what was, Mr. Osman was often asked if he dreamed that the empire would be restored. He always answered, flatly, no.

Every Turkish Series on Netflix 2018

In an interview for Al Jazeera television inhe refused to say an unkind word about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who led the revolution that deposed his family. Ali Tayar, an architect from Istanbul and a friend, said in that Mr. Tayar added. Born inMr. Osman was the last surviving grandson of an Ottoman emperor; his grandfather, Abdul Hamid II, ruled from to Inthe royal family was expelled by Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic.

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Osman said. Osman attended school in Vienna and moved to New York in He returned to Turkey for the first time 53 years later, in Augustat the invitation of the prime minister. He insisted on joining a tour group, despite the summer heat. As a young man, Mr.From Saint Maud to The Wicker Man here are some British horror movies that are certain to keep you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come.

See the full gallery. Title: What Happens to My Family — Salih believes that a father is responsible for his children's mistakes. Therefore he tries to takes the hit for his children. However, as Salih lives for his children, he neglects his life. Salih's biggest children Ece is working as the president's assistant in one of the biggest companies in Turkey. As Salih is happy that his daughter is very successful; he is not happy that she does not have a personal life other than her job.

Salih's older son Egemen is a great doctor and he is very close to the hospital's owner. However, he works very long hours that makes Salih worried about him.

What Happens to My Family?

Lastly, Salih's youngest son Emrecan is the spoiled child of the house. He has not yet found a job and he still get himself in trouble and expects his father to save him.

what happens to my family turkish season 2

Thus a fearless, small girl Ceylan, runs to Written by ahmetkozan. Love all the characters! This is a very refreshing story with great actors. I hope Nexflix don't wait to long to bring the second season! Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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